How We Treat Joints.

"If a doctor has not been able to cure your joints or spine within 2 years, it's not a doctor at all!" How to save yourself and forget about the pain for 49 UAH tells the People's Healer, Professor - Cao Li.

This People's Healer and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Peking Medical University claims to cure 18-year osteochondrosis in a couple of months. Which completely cures the old grandmother with the most advanced arthritis in 78 days. And joint pain, she says, with the right approach, will be over in 10 days! And, for 18 years of activity, she validates every statement with practice. Immediately after it aired on the TV channel (on the topic "how to keep joints at any age"), we were interviewed by a famous folk healer, Professor Cao Li.
- Hello, Cao. Tell me, is it correct to say that joint disease and osteochondrosis are "mandatory" satellites of mature age?
- Hello, Irino! Of course, this is not true. Mandatory Mature Satellites is an over-confidence in doctors who have been treating you for 10 years, but still have no cure. In fact, joints, chondrosis and the entire skeleton are amazingly treatable at any age. This is no miracle, but ordinary biology.
And if you know the secret and apply a little discipline - it is possible to cure even at home and very quickly, which thousands of my patients do.
- And what is this secret?
- The secret is in understanding why you are hurting. In general, encyclopedias have up to 147 possible causes of osteochondrosis and arthrosis, but the consequence is one - the joints, vertebrae and cartilage lose their elasticity, hence the pain. They wear out because of poor blood supply.
That's the secret - by restoring the blood supply to the joint, we treat it!
- Yes, but it is considered that it is almost impossible to restore blood supply after 45 years?
- Nonsense is all! I pulled a woman out of a wheelchair after the accident, which is worse than the 45th anniversary.
- Have you put many people who have lost hope in recovery on their feet?
- Repeatedly. But most of my patients are ordinary people in their 40s who have "age" illnesses. They come with very similar problems: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, sciatica, nerve entrapment. These illnesses are tortured and prevented from living.
They cry, they hurt, they even have a hard time walking. And, it would seem, ordinary people are not athletes or disabled. And they complain - "why am I, why am I?". And I answer: Let's not cry, but to restore blood supply.
- And how to restore blood supply at such an age?
- Until recently, I was treating people with the help of movement and a complex of physical activities in the open air. This is an extremely effective but very difficult and long method. It hurts people, it's hard, they don't have enough time for it. Then I went the other way - which everyone can find time for.
- How interesting! Will you tell it to our readers?
- I'll tell you. My father knew the family recipes he inherited from his parents, and those he received from his own. Many of my recipes have been around for hundreds of years, treating all my ancestors. I have been thinking for a long time how to share a recipe for joint pain, because you just won't buy the composition. The patch contains unique components that are very difficult to find. So I handed the recipe to the manufacturer to make this tool accessible to everyone. The manufacturer's product is fully certified and has proven its effectiveness at the Institute of Orthopedics. But I was amazed when we completed the test - 4 567 people were completely cured of their sores, which is over 94% of all participants in the experiment. 5.6% felt significant improvements,
- And what is this remedy?
- I'm talking about a proven patch to combat joint pain, arthritis and arthrosis - "Zb Pain Relief" . It is a drug that allows you to forget about back and joint pain in the shortest time, literally from 10 days, and cure even very difficult cases within a couple of months.
The patch is made by ancient prescription, inhabiting China far from civilization, medicines and doctors, in constant union with nature.
- And how does this miracle patch work?
- Just no wonder here, dry science. Consists of exclusively natural components that help to relieve joint pain and restore their function without surgery.
Even with one application to the diseased area, you activate about 930,000 cells that serve your bloodstream. And so there is a cure. The main thing here is stability.
- Sounds impressive. Just explain to us what it means for ordinary people with illnesses?
- This means that medieval Ukrainian medicine is a thing of the past and you will be able to cure your illnesses at home in a month or two. The Zb Pain Relief patch does not freeze, does not anesthetize, it "restarts" the organism at the cellular level. The patch eliminates the cause of the pain itself and returns the joints, spine to its original, normal state. The patient not only gets rid of symptoms, but removes the root of the disease - weakened by slow, old cells, blood supply to the cartilage.
In the first days of application, the "Zb Pain Relief" patch launches the body's regeneration systems. Well, it eliminates the pain, you will immediately feel it. In two to three weeks, the treatment will be completed, and, most importantly, to prevent the recurrence of pain, promptly repeating the course.
- The "Zb Pain Relief" patch only helps with arthrosis and osteochondrosis?
- No, I'm telling you: it affects the cellular level, restoring blood supply. It treats any disease associated with the joints and spine - arthrosis and arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, sciatica and osteochondrosis, and displacement of the spinal discs. Dislocations, clogs, bruises, fractures, and even naptips - the patch is very effective.
- This is a very interesting tool. And what, does he really rid himself of all these diseases, and not just eliminate the pain?
The Zb Pain Relief patch eliminates pain (in the initial stages of treatment) and completely eliminates the disease. Understand me correctly - I love exercise and sports, and I will not stop practicing, but for most patients this gel is the simplest, most effective and affordable way of treatment.
- I think many people ask: where can I buy "Zb Pain Relief"?
- We wanted to start large-scale sales in pharmacies - but we could not agree with pharmacists because it could harm their business. People have been buying their medicines for years, and more and more patients are getting sick, and this is the case.
- So now we have launched the statewide program "Zb Pain Relief" on the official website . But there are also advantages - we sell it without intermediaries, and this allows us to set the price 2 times lower and hold promotions for people of small financial wealth.
Ukraine has launched a state program. The purpose of the program: to give each person the opportunity to cure problems of the back and joints until they have grown into a more serious form, regardless of his financial condition. Under this state program, the price for one Zb Pain Relief patch is 49 UAH !
The action will be held until May 11, 2018 inclusive! To place an order it is enough to enter your name (all confidential) and telephone number for communication on the official site of the product.
- Delivery is carried out by new mail, postpay, and the use of plasters does not require specialist control - home treatment. However, don't take my word for it. Try other manufacturers. But I'm convinced you won't find anything even remotely similar to Zb Pain Relief in performance.
- Liao, thank you for the interview! Maybe you want to say something to our readers before we say goodbye?
- So! Yes of course. I want to draw the attention of readers that diseases of the back and joints are "getting younger", and even weak periodic pains - the reason to pay attention to the problem. The doctor will not persuade you to be treated.
And remember: Diseases caused by back and joint pain do not just bring discomfort. They shorten life by 10-15 years.
- PS: After the interview, we asked Cao Li. And for the readers of our site it is now possible to order "Zb Pain Relief" at an additional discount ! And forever forget about the diseases associated with joints and spine.

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